Welcome to uni-technology A/S

uni-technology are specialists in the design, manufacture & service/maintenance of inserts & tools for production moulds. Serving all industries, we are also a trusted partner for innovation in new product development, patents, prototyping & production.

3D Prototyping

Prototyping enables you to test & refine the functionality of a design, perform durability & reliability trials and bring your product to market quickly & cost-effectively.


High-quality production of complete parts & components for injection moulding.

Quality Control

Precision measuring services & documented reporting


Proper tool & equipment maintenance are necessary for performance, cost & time optimization.

We work closely with our customers, whether it is to conceptualize designs or to bring already developed ideas to life through prototype production and/ or manufacturing. Our deep knowledge and expertise enables us to provide you with what we hope you will find to be your best customer experience, and at the end of the day, produces timely, cost effective quality outcomes that enable your success.

For now, and in the future.