3D-prints and prototypes


High resolution product prints, prototypes and design

Using 3D prototype making product design and innovation to increase the optimization of workflow, production and ultimately success.

3D prototype and design provides countless opportunities for innovation in product development, design, prototyping and functionality testing. It can also create flexibility in manufacturing solutions and on-demand parts printing.

PolyJet Technology

Using this advanced technology, we can provide high resolution prints, ensuring smooth surfaces and fine details especially within complex geometries. Our technology also has the ability to combine materials to produce multi-material parts with mechanical properties and diverse values of tensile strength, flexural strength and Shore A values, with varied hardnesses and measurements to as little as 16 microns (0.0006").

With this technology we can make tools for injection molding for small test runs (10-100 parts). This gives your project more flexibility and cost savings.

• Presentation models
• Master patterns
• Form & fit models
• Flexible, rubber-like models
• Prototypes for medical equipment
• Prototypes for fittings, valves and parts with complex interior features

FDM 3D Print

FDM 3D printing (Fused deposition modeling) is an additional manufacturing technology that builds parts up layer by layer by heating and extrusion of thermoplastic filament.

Our FDM process using ABS material, which allows you to use it to make everything from concept models to production parts.

It provides an excellent thermal and chemical resistance and good strength-to-weight ratios.

3D prototype

Prototype 3D printing services in the highest quality with Uni Technology.

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We can help you create a rapid prototype, before you take your idea to production at a high cost.

We have several design services for prototypes, and we will help you choose the most suitable solution for your needs.

3d prototype

• Production aids
• Jigs and fixtures
• Tools for carbon fiber layup
• Functional prototypes
• Low volume production parts

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