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Rapid 3D prototypes and printed parts

Maximize your product development with 3D rapid prototyping - if you need proof of concept, testing for form and fit or a fully functional prototype.

3D prototypes provide countless opportunities for innovation in product development, improved parts manufacturability, enhanced cosmetic appearance and reduction in overall production time. It also creates flexibility in manufacturing solutions with on-demand spare parts printing.

We are your sparring partner all the way from ideas to production and offer you smart, flexible and fast production of 3D printed protypes and spare parts.

Come with your project or product design and let us help you shape and complete it with 3D printing. We use the latest 3D printing and digital manufacturing technologies that provide speed and flexibility for your product development cycles.

FDM (additive manufacturing) 3D printing uses ABS material and gives the subjects greater strengths and chemical resistance.

PolyJet digital 3D printing creates high-resolution models with smooth surfaces and fine details - even with complex geometries. Choose a desired hardness or combine material properties and/ or colors into a single build.

Contact us and let us help get your ideas into production.

Vi producerer 3d protoyper i metal, plastic eller gips
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