Precision Measurement


Quality control, Precision Measuring Services and Reporting

We offer 3D surveying of tools and components using some of the industry's most advanced metrology equipment.

Quality control and precision are crucial components in manufacturing. It must be identifiable when key dimensions threaten to fall out of tolerance.

Using 3D metrology equipment, we can help you be one step closer to achieving tighter size tolerances, achieving accurate design and ensuring built-in shape deviations to ensure maximum measurement accuracy.

Uni-Technology A / S offers 2D and 3D precision measuring as well as detailed reporting services, ensuring that all production requirements for processes, post-process measurements and reporting are met.

Projects completed at uni-technology are subject to control through continuous measurement checkpoints and inspections to ensure that all requirements and specifications are met throughout the process.
and technology.

Our measuring services are carried out in a temperature- controlled environment using Zeiss equipment
Our offer for measurement and reporting services is extended to our existing customers as well as other subcontractors and b2b companies.