Efficient tool maintenance and repair service

Maintenance, repair, adjustment, and upgrade

Planslibning er ofte en del af service og vedligeholdsprocessen.

We have long experience in constructing and manufacturing all kinds of form tools and other tools for industrial production. Many of the tasks that we solve for our customers, are not only about new tools. Very often we adjust and/or upgrade existing tools.

That has made us specialists in maintenance, service, repair, adjustment, and upgrade of all types of tools. We do it in our own workshop or at your location. we are happy to work on tools that we have not manufactured.

Good timely maintenance service maximizes the uptime and efficiency of your production and the lifecycle of your equipment. That means less challenges in your production and lower costs for new tools.

We offer service and maintenance of all kinds of tools:

  • Hardened parts for production moulds
  • Injection moulds for plastic
  • Punching tools
  • Bending tools
  • Deburring tool
  • Forging moulds
  • And much more

Our higly skilled and experienced team of toolmakers and industrial technicians have manufactured and performed maintenance services on thousands of tools and parts.

Your equipment is in safe hands with us.

When we solve a task for our customers you can rest assured that all specification are met.

Read more about precision measurement and reporting by clicking the button below or take a look at our machine park, which ensures you precision tools with a long service life.

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