Precision measuring

Quality control and precision measuring of tools

Precision is an important element when working with tools

Quality control and precision are absolutely essential for the products you produce to meet all specifications and tolerances. Even the smallest deviations can have a decisive impact on your final product or the products you have to deliver to your customers.

All projects completed at Uni-Technology are continuously checked through measurements and inspections. Details and descriptions are provided in detailed measurement reports.

Our measurements are made using advanced measuring equipment and technology from Zeiss. We carry out our control work in a temperature-controlled measuring room, which ensures that the measurements are correct.

Our experienced, trained measurement technicians carry out the measurements and draw up the report.

In this way, we ensure that all project requirements and specifications are met throughout the process.

We offer 3D measurement of all items – even items we have not produced ourselves.

Read more about our other services or take a look at our machine park, which guarantees you precision tools with a long service life.

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