3D printing

3D printing of products, prototypes, and spare parts

Come up with your project or product design and let us help you shape and complete it with 3D printing

3D printing – or Additive Manufacturing (AM) – is now so advanced, that aside from quickly producing quality prototypes, it can be used directly in industrial manufacturing and in the production of small series.

We collaborate with you all the way from idea to production. Besides offering you smart, flexible, and fast production of 3D printed prototypes, 0-series and finished items ready for use we guide you in terms of design, construction and materials. 

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We use the FDM 3D printing technology (Fused Deposition Modelling), which provides countless opportunities for innovation in product development and design, as well as the ability to perform real-time testing of parts and solutions.

Building volume
We can accommodate 3D printing projects with build volume up to 355 x 254 x 355 mm.

Our in-house 3D printing technology creates items in durable thermoplastic. We use several different materials:

  • ABS-M30 is a very durable thermoplastic polymer that can be reused many times without losing its properties. It is an ideal material for durable concept models, functional prototypes, production tools and end products.

    It is a very strong, lightweight material, which at the same time provides good protection against, among other things, low temperatures, and chemical influences.

  • ABS-ESD7 is based on ABS-M30. It is ideal for components where all kinds of electrical shielding are needed, as it has antistatic properties.

    It conducts static electricity away. ABS-ESD7 is also well suited for fixtures and clamping tools for e.g., mounting components in the electronics industry.

  • ABS-CF10 is a material with superior strength and rigidity, as it contains 10% carbon fibre.

    It is 15% stronger and 50% stiffer than regular ABS. This makes it suitable for the manufacture of fixtures, functional prototypes and end products for consumer, aerospace, and automotive industries, among others.

  • PC-ABS has high strength and impact resistance and is thus ideal for the manufacture of e.g., industrial equipment.

    It is recommended for items that require strength and need functional testing in harsh environments.

  • ASA is a UV-stable material and is therefore the obvious choice for items to be used in outdoor environments.

    It is like ABS but gives a different visual expression due to the matte surface. The material is both strong and flexible and is available in many colours.

  • PLA is a material with high tensile strength and hardness. It is available in transparent colours to suit design verification of e.g., taillights and turn signals.

  • TPU 92A is a flexible and strong elastomer, which is also very resistant to wear and tear. The hardness is ShoreA 92 and a fracture extension of over 500%.

    TPU 92A is useful in e.g., flexible hoses, pipes, air ducts and where vibration dampers occur.

  • Diran 410MF07 is a Nylon 6.6-based thermoplastic with high wear resistance, high toughness, and impact resistance.
    Very suitable for the manufacture of fixtures as well as other tool applications.

We collaborate with PROTECH on our 3D printing solutions.

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3D prototype secured students top marks

The collaboration between Christian and Uni-Technology was a success for both parties

Christian attended the Internatinal Business Academy, where he studied Entrepreneurship and Design.

The education works with idea generation, idea process, research, and prototyping.

The study teaches the students how to get their ideas out into the real world.