Product design and innovation will be greatly increased, workflow and production is optimised and you get success with your finished product. Our PolyJet technology is the only one of its kind in Denmark.


Working within a broad range of tolerances and industries, we stay focused on meeting customer demands for quality outcomes through lean production and stringent exit control processes.


We offer effective and expedient repairs, changes, upgrades or maintenance checks for your existing production tools and forms to help keep your production at it’s peak and downtime to a minimum.

"We know how important checkpoints and maintenance are in production"

Uni-Technology is foremost a full-service production mould and tooling company with continuous focus on innovative, cost-effective solutions for our customers.  

We work closely with our customers on complete product development, enhancements to existing tools and moulds, design and production of mother forms. 

We offer competitive pricing and delivery backed by quality, efficient outcomes.  

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Quality control processes are especially important for production projects where accuracy and attention to tolerances is key to the project's successful outcome.  

Measurement checkpoints and inspections are a part of uni-technology's process for meeting project requirements and specifications while maintaining quality control from the beginning of a project until it's completion. 

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The use of 3D printing enhances product design and innovation to increase the optimization of workflow, production and ultimately success. But 3D printing isn't just for prototyping anymore...

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Presentative maintenance for moulding tools is importtant in order to avoid more costly mould repairs, quality issues and interruptions in production. 

Uni-technology offers quick and cost-effective maintenance, repair, modifications and upgrades for your moulds and tools. 

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Innovation, Flexibility and Reliability 

Our customers are the cornerstone of our business.

We build strong partnerships based on trust, expertise, quality processes and communication throughout a project. 

With continuous investments in technology and the functionality of our team, we remain committed to providing flexible and effective outcomes for our customer's projects.

Game changing collaboration for innovation in product development

From ideas to production

Uni-technology A/S is an experienced and trusted business partner in product development.

Ranging from start-ups to nationals, our customers share the same drive and passion for innovative, quality outcomes.

Learn more about the strength of our partnerships by reading the case of Mikkel Styrbjørn Hartvig Andersen, Entrepreneur and Owner of Coverfeed.

“In the manufacturing process of two product lines based on advanced installation for the yacht and caravan industries, was cooperation with uni-technology highly effective. It turned out to be a full partnership right from the design phase to product launches in the market. I can honestly say that the products never would have had the same end-result if the project had been produced in a traditional supply-chain process.
As a designer and entrepreneur, uni-technology is my “swiss army knife.” Innovative, flexible, multi-functional and reliable.”

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