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Our machine park ensures precision tools with a long lifetime

Uni-Technology has 2 factories: One in Vejle and one in Stensved on Zealand.

Together, we have high capacity on all machine types needed to produce high-performance precision tools.

We have continuously replaced and modernized the machine park, and today we have a production with ultra-accurate and up-to-date machines that can produce moulds for the most demanding customers and with the narrowest achievable tolerances in today’s tool production.

We have a staff of highly trained and experienced technicians who ensure that the machines perform at their optimum in all projects.

The few things we cannot do ourselves, we get done in our network of skilled and reliable subcontractors.

Milling machines

Several 3 and 5 axis milling machines:
DMU, UCP, DMC, Hermle,  Fanuc with robot cell, Mikron and Deckel.

Spark machines

6 low spark machines from Innovation and Agie.

4 wire spark machines from Evolution, Challenger, AC Vertex and Agie.

Hole punchers from Act and Drill.


CNC and manual machines from Matzak, Colchester and Ursus.

Measuring machines

Zeiss and Tesa.

3D printers

Stratasys Objet 260 and F370.

Plastic moulding machine


Grinding machines

Planer grinders from Zierch, Jakobsen, Blohm and Seedtec.

Circular grinders from Studer, Jungner and Seedtec.

Belt sanders.



Welders, column drills, shorteners, band saws, micro blasters, turbo separators and laser markers.

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