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When you have a cooperation with Uni-Technology, the processes and communication are under control. We work according to the process below. It ensures that we always reach our goal with a good result.

Easy cooperation

Inquiry and clarification

You get professional advice on tool design, choice of materials, construction, and production.

When we receive your inquiry, we will always ask about your needs, and expectations. We need to be sure that we have understood the task correctly so that we can deliver a perfect product for you.

Often there is a need for development and/or construction work to optimize either the workpiece itself or the performance of the workpiece when it is put into use.

Quotation and order confirmation

Once everything is specified correctly, we will make a quotation for you. The quotation describes the product, the agreed delivery time, the price as well as delivery and payment terms.

Once you have accepted the quotation, you will receive an order confirmation.


In our construction department, we can construct your workpiece from scratch, or we can make changes and adjustments as needed.

Once the construction is approved, we start producing.


Manufacturing takes place primarily in our own workshops in Denmark. Some operations, such as heat treatment and polishing, are done in cooperation with our network of specialized subcontractors.


We have continuously replaced and modernised our machine park, so that today we have a production with ultra-accurate and up-to-date machines that can produce moulds for the most demanding customers and with the narrowest achievable tolerances.

We have a staff of highly trained and experienced technicians who ensure that the machines perform at their optimum in all projects.

Quality control

Quality control and precision are absolutely essential for the products you produce to comply with all specifications and tolerances. Even the smallest deviations can have a decisive impact on your end-product or the products you need to deliver to your customers.

Therefore, all projects completed at Uni-Technology are continuously checked against the approved specifications through measurements and inspections, so that we can deliver a perfect item to you on time. Details and descriptions are provided in detailed measurement reports.

We use advanced measuring equipment and technology from Zeiss. We carry out our control work in temperature-controlled measuring rooms, which ensures that the measurements are correct and that all specifications are met.


We prefer to deliver your order in our own car directly to you, so we avoid delays and damages. It ensures that you get a perfect tool brought directly to you without extra time for transportation.


The world is changing, and often it is necessary to be flexible. Our flexibility knows no limits. We are happy to walk the extra mile for you to ensure that your needs and expectations are met.

In addition to being an innovative tool manufacturer, we also offer 3D precision measurement, 3D printing as  well as service and maintenance of your tools – both in-house and at your location.

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